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Sun City Shadow Hills Homes for Rent

Are you searching for homes for lease in Sun City Shadow Hills? Here you will find all the homes for rent available in the Sun City Shadow Hills. Homes available in the area come in a variety of styles and sizes, so depending on your budget, you can find a rental or lease property to suit almost within the Sun City Shadow Hills. 

Current homes in Sun City Shadow Hills Homes for Rent:

Click on the listings below to view the property details. Including square footage, model floor plan and much, much more! 

Still did not find the perfect rental? Read our rental guide below to help determine the how and where to search for the perfect rental in the area. 

How to search for the perfect rental property in Del Webb’s Sun City Shadow Hills:

These simple steps will help you find the perfect rental property and avoid some common pitfalls during your continued search. 

Step 1: Determine Your Rental Budget

Inventory for leases / rentals is so varied that determining how much you can spend will be one of the biggest determining factors in finding a home to rent. As a rule of thumb you should spend no more than 30% of your annual income on housing costs. 

Step 2: Know your Credit Rating 

Also, make sure to keep in mind that larger houses can be more costly to cool and heat. This is a huge consideration in the Desert area as air conditioning costs in the summer can skyrocket. 

Knowing your credit score is important when searching for a rental property. Most leasing landlords will need to know your credit score before renting. Even if your credit score is not great, having this information will help your leasing agent determine strategies to get over this hurdle. However if you have good credit it will allow your leasing agent to sell you as a renter much more easily. Either way it is important to know what you credit rating it prior to your search. 

Step 3: Search for a Rental Property

We recommend you start narrowing your search by location or neighborhood. There are thousands and thousands of rental properties in the Desert so know where you want to be can help narrow your search down. 

Step 4: Find a Leasing Real Estate Agent

Having a professional on your side when renting a home will help you in multiple ways, and, best of all it doesn’t cost you one red cent! Real estate agents are legally obligated to have your best interests at heart when you are searching for a periphery and negotiating with the landlord. They will also know the pitfalls and advantages of each location better than anyone. 

Often missed items when search for the perfect rental property: 

  1. Is there enough storage space? You know how much stuff you have try and imagine where you will put all of your belongings and ask yourself if it will fit or if you can live without that item.
  2. Are there enough outlets and are they in good locations? Some rentals may not work for your electronics make sure cable hookups and power outlets are in the locations you imagined. 
  3. Who is the internet provider? Most places have multiple internet providers but some only have one and may not support the speed you need to work and play. Make sure that your internet connection will be all that you expect. 
  4. Look in all the cabinets. Make sure you look in all the drawers and cabinets before signing a rental agreement. Sometimes the finishes on the inside are not what you would expect. 
  5. Talk to the neighbors! Checking with the people next door will give you insight into how the personality of the neighborhood is and can be a great resource if you are a new renter in the area. 

Step 4: Signing the Lease / Rental Agreement.

This is where having a real estate agent can be an advantage. Your agent will know what is reasonable to ask for and what is not. However, still make sure to read and understand each and every item of the lease agreement. There may be restrictions on guests noise and other unexpected and unforeseen problems you may want. 

If you follow these simple steps you are sure to find the perfect home for rent in Sun City Shadow Hills. 

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