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Palm Springs Midcentury Modern Homes for Sale

Palm Springs midcentury modern homes are a part of the social and artistic fabric that makes Palms Springs real estate so interesting. Palm Springs represents some of the largest inventory of midcentury modern homes are available for sale. We have compiled the list of all homes designated as midcentury modern currently listed on the MLS below:

Miller House Palm Springs Midcentury Modern HomesPalm Springs Midcentury Modern Real Estate

Palm Springs real estate is often synonymous with the era defined as midcentury. Often referred to as the epicenter for the explosion of the iconic mid-century modern style Palm Springs is home to work by some of truly great mid century modern homes. The history and cache that this era’s Hollywood A-listers brought to Palm Springs attracted some of the most visionary architects to work on a stylish Palm Springs home. The vision of these master architects created masterpieces that suited the desert climate, clean lines and use of both indoor / outdoor spaces that defined the era. The style of these modernist architects evoked a lifestyle of simple elegance and informality that perfectly suited the desert. Combination of the simple elegance and nostalgia of an era past is what makes it so attractive to collectors of these modern homes.

Modernist Builders Architects and Architecture

Home to to one of the largest concentrations of mid century modern architecture in the US there is a huge selection of homes and modernist architects that designed in Palm Springs. If you are searching for that special home that spark your collectors eye there are some choice homes and architects that stand out from the others.

The Ever-Popular “Alexander” Home

One name that is regularly on the lips of collectors and enthusiasts is George Alexander. While G. Alexander was not an architect, he and his son Robert founded the Alexander Construction Company and built modern homes largely designed by Dan Palmer and William Krisel of “Palmer & Krisel.” These gorgeous homes built by the Alexander Construction Company are lovingly referred to as an “Alexanders” by those “in the know.”

Starting in south Palm Springs with moderately priced homes the Alexander Construction Company by the 1950s eventually started building larger homes for the “Old Hollywood” crowd in northwest Palm Springs. These homes eventually became the top choice for a later generation of Hollywood stars including Dinah Shore, Dean Martin, Joan Collins, Marilyn Monroe and Harold Robbins (who each owned an “Alexander”). There are some “Alexander” homes located in other areas as well including those in Green Fairway Estates, which were designed by the famed Donald Wexler (who also designed the Palm Springs International Airport). In total there are approximately 2,200 “Alexanders” homes in Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley.

The Ever-Rare “Meiselman” Home

Another builder of note is Jack Meiselman who built many modernist homes in the Palm Springs Area. With only about 200 “Mesielmans” in the area these homes are very rare and highly coveted.

Modernism Week

Thousands of people from all over visit Palm Springs during the annual Modernism Week to appreciate some of the best midcentury homes in architecture and design.