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Why Choose a Real Estate Team Instead of an Single Agent or Realtor®?

Real Estate Teams
How Does a Strong Real Estate Team Help the Sale of Your Home?

A real estate team makes three disciplines of real estate run more efficiently and smoothly. These include legal, marketing and the procurement and servicing of clients. Taking these one at a time you can see the effectiveness of team cooperation and how working with a team environment has an effect on each.

1. Legal

Real Estate Legal Real estate transactions have become more and more complicated over the years with the amount of disclosures and addendums increasing with each new lawsuit. Especially in California, people love filing lawsuits for everything from small roof leaks to paint not matching. Because of this, the standard purchase agreement has grown from a single page to now ten pages. This does not include the dozens of additional pages of disclosures, addendums and a wide range of legal forms necessary in a basic transaction. So you’re asking, what does this have to do with working with a team?
Our transaction and listing/escrow coordinators specialize in document compliance and contract services. They work with our agents to ensure all 31 pages of your disclosures are properly executed by all parties and on time per the purchase agreement. This is done while also ordering and coordinating your required inspections, appraisals, and Home Owners Association (HOA) documents. Everything from helping you work through repairs that may be needed prior to your home closing to coordinating an appointment with a notary, they are there to help you every step of the way.

If there is a loan involved, they also keep tabs on loan approval and loan docs to ensure all aspects of the transaction are coordinated to close on time. Having successfully completed over 550 transactions over the last 4 years, our transaction and listing/escrow coordinators are extremely detailed and have a keen eye for any issues that may arise while your home is in escrow. The contracts manager and escrow/listing coordinator’s main goal is to make your transaction as smooth and painless as possible, while insuring (along with the agent you are working with) that all requirements of the purchase agreement, addendums and disclosures are met on time. They are your personal real estate concierge of sorts.

2. Marketing

Marketing to Buyers
20,000+ individuals visit each and every month! That is over 240,000 people per year!

In today’s fast paced world of internet, social media, print and the dozens of additional avenues in which to market your home, working within a team means greater reach and the potential for exponential exposure to your listing. Marketing in today’s competitive and ever changing internet landscape is not for the novice.
The traditional ways to drive internet traffic have been flooded by every Realtor® with a computer, causing costs for this traffic to skyrocket to levels that are not sustainable. Likewise, buyers searching the internet have so many options when it comes to their home search and they often times use 2-3 different home search sites.

The key is to connect with the right buyers, provide these buyers with the absolute best service, information, and search experience possible while we connect them with the right home. On average, our site has over 20,000 unique visitors each month, and we will connect with over 300 potential buyers in that same month. Through a very diversified marketing strategy, we have strategically marketed to connect with the right buyers. Our strategy provides them with exceptional service and information and they love using our website for their home search! Our agents are currently working with over 90 buyers who are ready to make a purchase in the next 90 days as a result of this.

We couldn’t accomplish this without our marketing team, graphic designers, photographers, customer care department, and agents. Working with an entire team means exponentially increasing marketing power in selling your home, which translates into a greater chance of selling for more and in less time. In addition, working with a team gives you access to the specialized marketing skills that will expose your home not just to more potential buyers, but to the correct buyer who is looking for a home like yours. This is just one piece of the overall marketing effort for our listings.

3. Procurement & Servicing

Real estate TeamCustomer satisfaction is the whole reason our team exists. We have highly trained and highly specialized employees that aid our agents with the legal and marketing aspects of the business that allow them to focus more on you, the client.

Can you imagine being a single agent in today’s real estate market? Realtors have to be quasi attorneys, transaction coordinators, marketing experts (make no mistake about it, this is at least 50% of the job), photographers, graphic designers, IT specialists, writers, stagers and sign installers. They need to be at a photoshoot, inspections, appraisals, marketing meetings, creating brochures, printing brochures, open houses, take showing calls, provide buyer feedback, preview property, show property, write, submit and present offers, successfully negotiate offers, explain disclosures to clients, and be certain they are being executed by all parties on time per the Purchase Agreement, all while keeping their clients happy. It’s not realistic to expect a single agent to complete all these tasks simultaneously, and do it with excellence.

Our agents focus on one thing, you. Finding your dream home, or the perfect buyer for your home, showing property, negotiating deals, and with the help of our transaction services walk you through your escrow. This also allows our agents to spend more time in the field, they know the market better, they are able to perform more open houses for our clients and connect with more buyers.
Our team of highly trained and specialized employees and agents are able to provide a level of service to our clients through marketing, transaction coordination and client procurement and service that no single agent or team (very few teams are actually structured and operate like this) can hope to approach. The value our team provides clients far exceeds the sum of its parts.

See our team of professionals that specialize in each of these areas – Click Here.


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